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Hello readers welcome to our website, FbNEWSyT

On this website, you will get information and updates in connection with the trending news across the world in layman’s language. FbNEWSyT is a news website, which will cover news topics related to politics, sports, health, technology, electric cars, finance, and famous events happening around the world.

About me:- Hi everyone, my name is Ashish Vaish, a blogger and now an author at FbNEWSyT. I have done Bachelor in Mass Communication and also hold a degree on Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication.

Through this website, my aim is to share and summarize all the important, genuine as well as trending news in simple language and in an interactive manner so that even a small kid can understand it, just by reading the article for 2 to 3 minutes.

Furthermore in case if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback related to our website then feel free to connect with us through the Contact Us page of this site.

Thank you.

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